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Medication Review

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Taking too many medications? Getting confused why or when you should take these medications?

If you are taking 5 or more prescription medications, we can schedule you a free 15 minute appointment with one of our experienced licensed pharmacists ($60 worth of consultation fee covered by BC government). During this 15 minute appointment, our pharmacists can answer all the “What” “Why” and “When” about your medications. Not just these, we can also offer insights about relationships between your medications and your health. Advise you on the direction of your pharmacologic therapy.

Also, with this Medication Review service, we will give you a comprehensive table listing out all the medications you are currently taking, together with images, brief info, and images. Our customers always find this Medication Review list tremendously helpful when they are asked by doctors what medications they are taking.

Call us for an appointment NOW and discover new ways to improve your health!!

*should you take fewer than 5 prescription medications and would like to book a consultation appointment, we can also schedule you with a $60/15 min charge



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