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Your Neighbourhood Pharmacy


Crystal Pharmacy and Medical Supplies is an independently owned pharmacy that pride itself in providing first-class dispensing service to our customers. Yes, our fees and prices are already very competitive, but what really makes us stand out is our customer service.

How many times have you waited for more than half an hour to pick up a prescription and find out you are not actually talking to a pharmacist, and when you request to speak to a pharmacist, you have to wait for another ten to fifteen minutes!! At Crystal Pharmacy and Medical Supplies, a pharmacist is always readily available at the front counter to answer any questions, whether you’re dropping off or picking up your prescription.

Since its establishment in 2007, Crystal Pharmacy and Medical Supplies has been growing steadily, thanks to words of mouth from our loyal customers. We are very proud we have very good rapport with our customers and hence our little pharmacy has a very strong neighborhood atmosphere. Come, come feel it for yourself!

Our Culture

Honest . Patience

We believe being honest and patience to customers is the number one priority in the pharmacy service sector. Customers come to us with health care related problem, and they often feel sick and worrisome enough that they do not want any nasty uncaring service. You can be rest assured at Crystal Pharmacy and Medical Supplies, you will be given caring service, neutral and sound advice.

Free Blood Pressure Checking

Here at Crystal Pharmacy and Medical Supplies, we provide free blood pressure checking to anybody, absolutely free of charge, even when you’re not buying anything

Chinese Instruction

For our Chinese speaking customers, we have Chinese instructions and indications on our prescription labels to ensure our Chinese customers fully understand their medications

Blister-Pack (Compliance Pack) Program

If you’re on more than 4 or 5 medications, sometimes it can be confusing when to take your medications. It’s even easier to lose track whether you’d taken certain medications already. We can organize your medications in our blister-packs which help make taking medications less complicated. Also, we offer free delivery service to our blister-pack customers.

Medication Profile

Other than blister-pack service for customers on more than 4 or 5 medications, we also provide medication profile, a table that lists out all medications a patient is on according to administration time.

Meet the Team

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